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Kazakhstan ready to legalize crypto as Russians flock to the country


According to local news agency Informburo on September 28, Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is ready to legalize cash withdrawals in cryptocurrencies if requested. Speaking at the Digital Bridge 2022 international forum, Tokayev emphasized that Kazakhstan aims to become an international leader in digital technology, cryptocurrency ecosystem and regulated mining. He …

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2020 Forked Bitcoin PoS project


A fork of Bitcoin was created in 2020 based on the consensus algorithm PoS. The relationship between Bitcoin’s PoS fork and Ethereum’s Merge What many are wondering is whether the price evolution of BitcoinPoS (BPS) can be a good guide to determine the future of Ethereum. Question: is bitcoin PoS …

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BlackRock Ready to Index Bitcoin (BTC) Prices


The asset management giant BlackRock is looking to use a Kraken subsidiary in its BTC offering index, shortly after its latest intervention in digital assets. CF Benchmarks will strengthen asset manager’s BTC offerings Reports of BlackRock and Kraken’s partnership with CF Benchmarks have surfaced. Reports indicate that the trillion dollar …

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