TAKEDA SHIN Emerging New Metaverse Token For Heros

There is so much happening right now in the world, the fast-paced environment we have adopted as our regular way of life makes it quite impossible for us to take out time and celebrate the men and women who make some much positive impact on our daily lives. As a result of this we have come to see modern day heroism as a facade, something that is gradually fading out of existence and an activity that is not given any importance.

If history is not preserved and celebrated by those who witnessed it, there is a very high chance of it getting lost in time. If stories are not told and well documented, what will be placed on to others will be fragmented ideas of what those stories were about. And so also if we don’t celebrate our heroes, we will forget and appreciate how they have affected the society where we lived.

The Takeda story is one which hopes to provide a platform where modern day heroism is celebrated and remembered. With the use of the blockchain technology and NFT use case, Takeda Shin has been able to idealize a means through which this can happen.


Takeda Shin is basically launched as a community project with the focus of celebrating modern day heroism which has largely been overlooked in the society. The name Takeda Shin gains its inspiration from notable warrior Takeda Shingen of Kai providence in Feudal Japan who was a skilled warlord who fought selflessly to protect his territories from enemy attacks.

With the advancement of the blockchain technology and its various emerging use cases such as NFTs and Metaverse, representation of modern day heroes can be made possible in a way that they are celebrated and remembered all at once.

This is what Takeda Shin is looking to achieve, bringing in an NFT use case that will be an effective means of representation, celebration and remembrance of modern day heroism.

Let’s explore more of the Takeda Shin ecosystem

$TAKEDA: The Native Token of the Takeda Shin Ecosystem

As a community of heroes focused on a common goal of making a positive impact, the TAKEDA SHIN community has its own native token which serves as a medium of reward and identification with the community.

$TAKEDA is the native token of the TAKEDA SHIN community with a total supply of one quadrillion, the supply of $TAKEDA is limited and there is no malicious or hidden mint function to bring in more $TAKEDA tokens into circulation. 

The $TAKEDA token has a 6% tax on every trade transaction that takes place, 3% of this goes to the liquidity pool on Pancakeswap exchange, 2% is redistributed as reward to all holders of the $TAKEDA token while 1% goes to the marketing vault and used to further drive traction for the project.

Summary of $TAKEDA Tokenomics


Ticker: TAKEDA

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Tax on Transaction: 6%

Exploring the Takeda Shin Use Cases

When the initial plans for Takeda Shin were idealized by the project team, they didn’t want it to be looked at by the community as just another meme token that will lose it relevance after the initial hype that comes with most new project dies down and considering it fair launch mode of launching the project, the team have been working round the clock to developed some very interesting use cases to ensure that the Takeda shin community project is a successful one.

Let’s dive in and explore most of these use cases.

NFT and a Play-to-Earn(P2E) Game

Initially planned was to use NFTs as representation of modern day heroes but the idea has been developed more by the Takeda team. There will be NFTs developed to represent heroes of choice, these heroes will not just be static graphical content that is largely seen in the NFT space but rather they will be interactive features that will enable community member use them to participate in an interactive Play-2-earn game that is been developed by the Takeda Shin team.

It is idealized that different NFTs will perform different functions based on their uniqueness and rarity, these NFTs will assign roles, attributes and privileges to users of its virtual world called the Heroverse. There will also be a hero badge awarded to winners of a contest known as the Takeda Hero Contest, this hero badge will automatically aid such user book a place in the Takeda Metaverse.

The Takeda Conquest

The Conquest is designed to engage the Takeda Community of Heroes, encourage and reward heroes in the society and as well help the project trend more on social media. Here contestant put up content on social media pertaining to heroic acts they have done in the week while members of the Takeda community holding a specific amount of Takeda are allowed to act as verifiers or backers and at the end of the contest the contestant with the largest votes from verifiers wins the contest

The Takeda DAO

A DAO is one of the tope use case been developed with the speed of light by the Takeda team, the DAO is envision to have it own token $SWORD which will serve as a means of grant voting privileges as well as used to incentive holders of $TAKEDA token and contestant in the Takeda contest.

The $SWORD token will have a capped supply of 10,000,000,000 to be launched on the Binance Smart Chain through what has been labeled as the Initiate sword Offering(ISO), a fundraiser event that will be used to raise funds for liquidity and project development. 

There is also going to be distribution of $SWORD token periodically to $TAKEDA token holders periodically and there is some sort of rumor that $TAKEDA holders will be able to earn more $SWORD tokens through staking.

How to buy $TAKEDA Token

$TAKEDA os currently listed on pancakeswap exchange, you can buy some for yourself via the link below

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