IRENA Green Energy Coin

IRENA Green Energy Coin: Creating Sustainable Income Through Renewable Energy

The future is now in renewable green energy and environmentally-friendly electric cars and solar panels. As Irena Green Energy Coin, we have improved ourselves in this regard with our team. Pilot studies of our IGE software, which has been developed for the last one year and can be downloaded to electric cars, will be completed in May. You will earn by mining our coins for every distance covered on every journey you will make with your electric vehicle. Our IR-APOLLON mining device, which we will launch jointly with the MinFect Mining Device manufacturer in July 2022, will be able to be connected to solar panels. With electricity generated from solar energy, you will be able to mine our coin at zero cost. You will be able to exchange these issued IGE coins for IRENA Coins on the IRENASWAP platform. You can then sell these IRENA coins or buy items from our online blockchain-based shopping site https://irenacoin.store/

First of all, to prevent IRENA Coin selling pressure in the market, IRENA financing will be opened in the coming days and we will give USDT as a stake reward, not IRENA coin. Then you will be able to purchase products from our blockchain-based online shopping site by connecting to your metamask wallet with web3 support. In June, our IR-APOLLON mining device will go on sale.


IRENA Coin is no ordinary project. It was developed by three professional software developers. One of our developers has worked for eBAY for many years. Another of our developers has worked on the Matic network. With the experience here and many innovations such as the blockchain online shopping site, our price will increase regularly and quickly. We have a 2-year Coin burn calendar. At the end of each month, 500,000,000 IRENA tokens will be burned. After these transactions, the price will continue to increase rapidly.

The IRENA Green Energy Coin project aims to promote the global adoption of clean and renewable energy to create sustainable wealth. 

From solar to bioenergy to geothermal, hydropower, and wind energy, there’s no doubt that renewable green energy technologies are the future of the world’s power sector.

Non-renewable energy is a curse that has plagued the human race and our environment for many decades.

You could argue that fossil fuel has helped power our homes, businesses, cars, and the global economy as a whole for as long as we’ve been in existence. But at what price?

Our carbon footprints have skyrocketed along with the vast economic growth.

Activities such as drilling, mining, and burning are destroying our environment faster than ever and causing our health to deteriorate as the days go by.

According to a study done by Harvard and three other highly rated Universities in the UK, the air pollution that emanates from burning fossil fuel kills one in five and well over eight million people every year.

Thankfully, renewable green energy forms are gradually changing this pattern. 

We see electric cars roam through our streets every day; we live in solar-powered houses, and about 30% of the world’s total energy supply is derived through renewable energy forms.

Clearly, renewable energy is the future, and to a large extent, the future is here already, so we might as well earn from it.

Why IRENA Green Energy Coin?


IRENA Coin is no ordinary project. It was developed by three professional software developers with decades of experience under their belt garnered from working at eBAY and on the Matic network. 

With the level of experience and expertise of our incredible team, you can be rest assured that your investment is safe and will most definitely yield profits.

IRENA Green Energy Coin is pushing for an eco-friendly world where 100% of the world’s total energy supply will be derived from renewable green energy. 

But it doesn’t end there, there’s also a chance to benefit from some other incentives without doing anything beyond the ordinary.


The amazing thing about IRENA Green Energy Coin is you don’t necessarily need to farm, stake or claim. All you need to do is buy and hold $IRENA coins in your wallet, and the tokens will multiply gradually.

Additionally, 1% of each transaction is also removed from the max supply. This mechanism means the floor price will continue to rise, and even if all holders decide to dump, the token’s price won’t hit rock bottom.


Staying true to its promise, the IRENA Green coin project will create a vibrant community that will tackle the current climate change crisis.

Furthermore, all the IRENA tokens were minted on BSC prior to the launch. Therefore, there was no need to expend more energy on minting.

Completely Secured

With every new crypto project that emerges, there’s always the risk of rug developers whisking away with investors’ funds. 

However, with IRENA, the developers have taken steps to guarantee the safety of your funds and ensure that the project is “technically unruggable.”


Over time, the overall supply of IRENA tokens will be deliberately reduced through deflationary events as a way of creating positive scarcity and increasing the value of the token.


How Does It Work?

Currently, there are two ways to earn from the IRENA Green Energy Coin project.


One is through the IRENA Green Energy (IGE) software which can be paired to electric cars. 

We have stepped up the game as regards our Pilot studies of our Irena Green Energy (IGE) software, which has been developed over the last one year and can be downloaded to electric cars, will be completed in May. 

Once in place, the IGE converts the car to a mining device – meaning you get to earn IGE tokens with every inch traveled.

But what if you don’t have a car, or probably you have one, but it’s not an EV?


Well, there’s a provision for you to earn as well if you live in a solar-powered house.

All you have to do is connect the IR-APOLLON mining device to your solar panels, and you can start mining right away.

What’s Next After Mining?


The mined IGE coins can be swapped for IRENA Coins on the IRENASWAP platform, which can then be sold or used to buy items from our online blockchain-based shopping site https://irenacoin.store/  or by connecting to your metamask wallet with web3 support. 

Road Map


The road to success of this ambitious project has been mapped out into four well-detailed sections each with its own peculiar activities and targets with the only constant occurrence being that tokens will be deflated at every step of the way. Let’s shed more light on the highlights.

  • The first phase entails some of the basic activities such as highlighting the targets and milestones, getting listed on PancakeSwap, and  assembling the team’s core that will drive the project to success.
  • For phase two, the goal is to get listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap, partner with other viable crypto projects and launch an aggressive result-oriented marketing campaign on social media.
  • Phase three is where everything comes together; the IRENA token developers hope to sign a partnership with a renewable energy machinery firm and a professional marketing agency. Investors will be able to buy and use the IR-APOLLON mining system and the IRENA Green App will be available for downloads as well. To close out this phase, the team will be expanded and a special charity event will be held.
  • The activities of the fourth phase will look to consolidate on the marketing campaigns of the previous sections while ushering in the IGE mining software for electric cars. A second charity event will be held, and community-based projects aimed at bettering the state of the environment will kick-start.


  • 51% of the total supply will be burned
  • 10% will be used for PancakeSwap 
  • 24% has been earmarked for marketing 
  • 10% will be reserved Angel investors
  • 5% is reserved for the development team
  • 1% is distributed to all IRENA token holders in the form of static rewards.

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