How Pandora is raising the bar to become the only Community-centered Crypto ecosystem

Pandora is overtopping the competitors with an unparallel incentivized ecosystem through a dual token
model. The next-generation decentralized ecosystem incentivizes the key roles of an ecosystem, traders,
and farmers through swapping tokens, farming, staking, and buying and selling NFTs.

Every day, there release dozens of projects, if not hundreds, in DeFi space and claim to have aced either
the NFT arena, Cryptocurrency with the perfect use case, or an AMM with mature liquidity and security
but none does cover this all perfectly than Pandora. Pandora’s rich ecosystem includes insane NFT
collection, incredible tokenomics with a dual token model, exciting P2E games, AMM, IDO, and whatnot.
The thing that makes Pandora the highest paying DEX in the DeFi universe as it monetizes all users
including traders, farmers, and even NFT Holders.


How Pandora tops the DeFi list

The DeFi enriched platform Pandora offers huge opportunities for the community to earn maximum
gains. Such a rich ecosystem has the potential to surpass the competition with one good blow as
Pandora is backed by a huge incentivized community. The core offerings of Pandora include:

  • AMM
  • PandoVerse
  • PandoMarketplace
  • Jackpot
  • IDO launchpad

The project has the following key features that make it stand top of the list.

Huge incentives:

Pandora follows a unique algorithm that rewards the traders for every transaction made. Ever
imagined getting paid a stable passive income just by trading a coin? If still not convinced, Pandora
has huge jackpots waiting for you while you trade.


PandoMarket and NFTs:

Pandora offers an incredible NFT collection that hates being similar yet loves being a philanthropist.
PandoMarket is the only NFT Marketplace that rewards the NFT owners with a share of the
protocol’s revenues. PandoMarket is always crowded with people auctioning and trading their NFTs.


Pandoverse is the uncharted space of limitless possibilities in the digital world of advanced
contraptions, the droid bots. The droid bots have the ability to evolve and appreciate their value.
The users can stake these gamified NFTs in the Pandoverse to earn huge incentives. PandoVerse is
brimming with hidden gems and magical PandoBoxes in every nook and cranny.

Gamification and referral programs:

Pandora induces huge excitement into the DeFi experience through intriguing gamification to
encourage community engagement. The platform includes games to increase user engagement and
retention, making the DEX a whole different experience infilled will huge jackpots and prizes. Taking
of prizes, the list doesn’t end here as Pandora focuses on expanding the community through an
incentivized referral system. The more people you can bring to its world, the more you bag the
profits – fair deal?

Road Map and Security

Pandora is backed by an ambitious team that envisions making the whole ecosystem top next-gen DEX
to host early-stage NFT Gaming projects. Pandora will launch full-scale marketing for its IDO platform in
the first quarter of 2022. Pandora plans to launch a consensus system to improve the lottery system and
the Pandoverse.


Pandora takes security as its priority and has teamed up with many reputable smart contract audit firms
to make sure their ecosystem stays intact from malicious hacking attempts. Pandora has recently been
audited by a leading blockchain security company the PeckSheild. They are also collaborating with
HackenProof to offer their attentive users an exciting bug bounty program where Pandora will be
rewarded up to $50K for discovering and reporting bugs in DApp. Yet the quest for perfection continues
and the project will keep teaming up with more top smart contract security experts to keep its shield up
to date.

Pandora believes in a fair launch so there will be no presales but the project will offer the just
opportunity to all buyers through public sales. The project will make the first impact through Initial DEX
Offering (IDO) and the tokens will be launched through the decentralized liquidity exchange. Pandora
will also be dropping massive AirDrops for the community in order to expand its reach.

Pandora as a whole has the potential to grow exponentially once it gets due attention from those who
understand the value and more – Decentralized Finance. The huge and intriguing incentives will help
strengthen the community around it sooner than we anticipate. Pandora comes from the hand of crypto
veterans who foresee it becoming the first and leading Decentralized Finance. The Pandora ecosystem
has everything and more a project can have in its early stage yet it seeks more investors to become a
part of it before it matures into a giant DeFi ecosystem. Remember, FOMO only hits those who don’t
board the train in time.

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