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GRAVITOKEN (GRV): The GRAVITY-Free Rebasing and Autonomous Token

GRAVITOKEN (GRV) is a project born out of the need for reliable price rises amongst a sea of volatility and red candles. The GRAVITOKEN is the community-based gravity-free token that is mathematically guaranteed to ONLY rise in price.



Centralization is a plague to the 5G world and no one understands it better than the people already into, the Decentralized Universe, the Cryptocurrency. The efficiency of blockchain and the freedom of decentralization in cryptocurrency is the utopia entified. This has not only shaped out a new and a better financial system but has also grown up to be a form of trade whose daily volume is now in billion dollars.

The growth in the decentralized world is exponential and promised but the problem almost every cryptocurrency coin and token has is the price manipulation by the whales. The tokens providing the best use case and having a great ecosystem have fallen prey to it. What actually these whales do is, buy the infant tokens in the presales in large quantities and give a momentary price pump. Then the token is sold in one go to dump the price causing small investors and traders to almost losing their trust in it. There are many projects claiming to have a solution but neither have it like the GRAVITOKEN.

Organic and Stable Price Rise:

The way GRAVITOKEN promises the organic and realistic price rise is uniquely awesome. The token has automated token-buyback with burn, automatic Liquidity Pool (LP) algorithm, and dynamic token supply to aid the price rise. The price floor is not only solidified by these but also by the rebase mechanism. The price is programmed to increase every 8 hours by 9.81%, contracting the circulating supply when the current trading price is below the peg price. Rebasing, by removing zeros, improves the image of the token and helps the price to float up in a gravity-free zone.

GRV Price Chart

GRV also introduces RFI type burning and an LP acquisition fee mechanics for every trade, amounting to a total of 9.81%. 3.27% is used to buy back tokens, which are sent to a burn address and another 3.27% is added to the GRV/BNB LP. The intended goal is to minimize price movements when large wallets decide to sell their tokens in the future, which when compared to coins without an AutoLP system, leads to a reduction in significant price fluctuations away from the exponentially increasing price floor.

This also acts as an arbitrage-resistant mechanism that secures a portion of the volume of GRV as a reward for the holders. The multiple layered mechanisms provide mathematically rising prices and this incredible token distribution adds to their claim. You can buy GRAVITOKEN GRV on PancakeSwap or on NOVADEX.


An elastic supply (or rebase) token works in a way that the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price. This increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism called re-basing. When a rebase occurs, the supply of the token is increased or decreased algorithmically, based on the current price of each token. In some ways, elastic supply tokens can be paralleled with stablecoins. They aim to achieve a target price, and these re-base mechanics facilitate that. However, the key difference is that rebasing tokens aim to achieve it with a changing (elastic) supply. GRV differs by having an increasing peg price and no positive rebases, making GRV a gravity-free upcoin.

Protocol Parameters

exchangeRate → TWAP(GRV/BNB) / TWAP(BNB/BUSD) = (GRV/BUSD)

gFactor → The price peg increase rate gFactor =1.011766

rebaseHorizon → Set to be one hour

targetRate → targetRate × gFactorʳᵉᵇᵃˢᵉᴴᵒʳᶦᶻᵒⁿ

rebaseCooldown → More than this much time must pass between rebase operations

lastRebaseTimestamp → Block timestamp of last rebase operation in seconds

transactionTax → The transaction tax rate to be added to LP transactionTax = 0.0981

liquidityDivisor → The proportion of the transaction tax added to the LP liquidityDivisor = 3

buybackDivisor → The proportion of the transaction tax used to buyback and burn tokens buybackDivisor = 3

marketingDivisor → The proportion of the transaction tax sent to the marketing wallet marketingDivisor = 3


GRV → ERC20/BEP20 token code, re-basing mechanism, and AutoLP implementation

Master → Triggers GRV re-bases, re-basing helpers, keeps track of protocol parameters, updates market-price TWAP, and consumes market oracles

MarketOracle → Retrieves the current market price of GRV/BUSD and maintains TWAP

Crowdsale → The contract that manages the public pre-sale

TokenTimelock → The contract that locks the liquidity until the ceiling is reached

Price Oracle:


Price Oracle is a device to show you the price of an asset. The problem to show the price of an asset on the blockchain has been a major concern for the developer as the loopholes in the Binance Smart Chain-based Price Oracles have been exploited by the hackers on many events. A Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) is used to mitigate common attack vectors Pancake V2 enables developers to build highly decentralized and manipulation-resistant on-chain price oracles, which serve the purpose of trustlessly providing pricing data to the protocol. This adds an additional layer to the security of digital funds.

Final Verdict:

GRV is a whole new Universe waiting to be explored and it’s worth investing and a sane decision to put your funds in when it is mathematically guaranteed to rise in price through rebasing mechanism, GRAVITOKEN Fusion, GRAVITOKEN Antimatter, and dynamic supply. With the unique price strengthening mechanism and a rich echosystem GRAVITOKEN could be perfect pick to be financially free until the token reaches its $1,337,000 ceiling by Jan 2022 and $50m+ liquidity is achieved.

Social Media

GRAVITOKEN is a community-based token and their community is growing each day. You can follow their social media to stay updated about the upcoming news and events.







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