Basketball DAO is reinvigorating Basketball through blockchain

Basketball DAO sets out on a mission to offer community basketball teams by promising transparency through blockchain and DAO. BasketballDAO envisions to test and exhibit the true power of Web 3.0 through community governance.

I’m a true fan of how decentralization offers freedom to individuals and offers them true ownership. Cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 are the future and big names like Elon Musk have acknowledged the proven fact. With DeFi taking over the centralized finance and reshaping the video games, I always wonder there was some project supporting an actual sport. Cricket football and basketball leagues happen and the teams are owned by the ones having monopoly already. The only solution to empower the community was through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through web 3.0. I feel like BasketballDAO was hearing me dreaming this.


Basketball is a sport loved by millions and not to mention the NBA (National Basketball Association) has revenue generation of more than $8 billion per annum. NBA has celebrated its 75 years in sports and its community is growing every day. BASKETBALLDAO has targeted a sport with actual potential by giving decisive power to the community through DAO and Governance Finance.

The BasketballDAO team is reaching out to invite the big names in the arena as they reached out to Stephen Curry on Twitter and asked him to be a part of their team.

Since the project is newer so it is a bit difficult to be heard but compared to its potential, I’m sure this will grab the attention of many NBA stars. Even if one joins their voices, the project will sooner become popular among basketball players, spectators, and investors. BasketballDAO pioneers in introducing and shifting the sports enthusiasm to web 3.0 with the power of blockchain.

Why BasketballDAO will Sky Rocket: Key Features

1.      Acquire the Team

As their whitepaper suggests, BasketballDAO is a community-driven project so they first focus to expand their community circle and advocate the idea to gather maximum people in their community hall. Through Blockchain Consensus building and Governance Finance, BASKETBALLDAO plans to empower the community to vote and own their basketball teams. The community will own the team and will vote in the weekly town hall meetings to make future decisions about their teams.

2.      Betting

NBA bets are intriguing but in the decentralized world users often question the transparency. However, when it comes to blockchain technology the transparency is guaranteed, and users and bet carefree in a trustless and anonymous environment. Blockchain not only offers transparency but security for its community.

3.      $BBDAO and NFTs

$BBDAO is the native token of the BasketballDAO ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. $BBDAO will be the governance token used for voting on crucial decisions and for providing funds for the DAO. Basketball-themed games will be available for the users to play where they can earn this token and NFTs.


Blockchain games are great but people love to invest in something more concrete and BasketballDAO is offering the opportunity. This project is one of its kind so it will require a lot of struggles in the start but it’s targeting the right community as Basketball is a game of passion and zeal and so will be the community. In such projects, those who get their hands on it early are the ones earning maximum profits.









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