The Landlord

Project Details : The Landlord is a revolutionary and community driven BSC token and ecosystem aiming to utilise the benefits of DeFi to revitalise the pub industry.
Type : DeFi, NFT, Dapps
Chain : Binance Smart Chain
Web Site : Web Site Link

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Token Overview


Tokenomics are what empower our tokens three key protocols and unlock the potential within The Landlord to revitalise the pub industry. All LNDLRD transactions will be subject to a 6% tax so will require 7% slippage. ​Tokenomics consist of three key protocols that empower The Landlord to revitalise the pub industry.

Pub Protocol

3% will be used to drive all aspects of The Landlord ecosystem including the Landlord app, Landlord pubs, Landlord craft beer, marketing and much more.

Pints Protocol

The Pints Protocol is our auto-liquidity function. This allows us to automatically grow our liquidity by taking 2% of each transaction and putting it into our liquidity pool adding stability to the LNDLRD value.

Shots Protocol

The Shots Protocol is our reflection function and rewards all LNDLRD holders. This means that your balance will continue to grow automatically by just holding. Holders will be rewarded 1% of every transaction and the amount of token reflections each holder receives is proportional to the total supply of LNDLRD that they hold. In simple terms, the more you hold, the bigger the reward.