Project Details : SafeLightWe created $SafeLight to provide our holders with leading tokenomics within the DeFi space. Our frictionless yield & liquidity generation protocol makes you earn passive income without having to do anything at all. We charge a 10% transaction fee which is split in two ways. 5% goes into a locked liquidity pool and 5% is shared amongst our stakeholders. Before pre-sale our community has requested us to burn all the tokens that were left. Those tokens were sent to a dead address and will be permanantly locked there forever. 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead As the dead address is also a holder of SafeLight there will be more tokens burnt overtime. Because it receives a share of each transaction fee just like any holder. Which will decrease our current supply even more overtime!NFTAuto Liquidity Protocol
Type : NFT
Chain : Mainnet
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