Project Details : Landshare strives to offer hassle-free alternatives to traditional real estate investments.
Type : DeFi, NFT, Dapps
Chain : Binance Smart Chain
Web Site : Web Site Link

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Token Overview


Landshare is designed to combine the power of DeFi and real estate investment into one platform. Earn DeFi yield farming rewards with the BUSD Property Vault and Landshare Token staking, or use our upcoming real estate investment features to gain direct exposure to assets on chain.

A New Kind of Real Estate Platform

Fully integrated into the Binance Smart Chain, all of Landshare’s features work seamlessly with the ecosystem at large. Whether you’re looking for DeFi returns or a direct real estate investment on the blockchain, it’s all available on a single platform.

LandShare Article: https://newsbsc.com/cryptocurrency/landshare-bringing-real-estate-to-blockchain/