The world’s first 3D NFT blockchain game — Idle Mystic

As the world’s first 3D NFTs blockchain game, Idle Mystic integrates the playing methods of Incremental and Turn-Based to form its own unique characteristics. Through player application, heroes mint by the official has different skills and properties at the time of birth, thus becoming a unique NFT asset with both game value and collection value. The two heroes can cultivate the next generation of heroes through inheritance and join the collection queue and battle queue.

We will start airdrop before 11:00 Singapore time on August 17. We plan to airdrop nearly 6000 keys for opening heroes through different channels. At this stage, players who get airdrops are the first to have a chance to get very rare genesis heroes. Compared with ordinary heroes, genesis heroes have higher properties and cannot be passed on to the next generation of heroes. This makes the genesis hero very rare and precious in our game.

When airdrop is done, we will start the pre-sale activity. Players who have not got the airdrop can buy keys and open their own heroes at an extremely low Ethereum price at this stage.

Bingo! Idle Mystic Becomes Widely Known

The official website of the powerful 3D blockchain game Idle Mystic was officially launched at 11 :00 , Singapore time on August 17. By the time of posting, nearly 1500 users had registered and bound their email or Ethereum wallet, which attracted the favor of major institutions. Among them, MNC (metaminers network) and have successively reached strategic cooperation with Idle Mystic. They bring airdrop rewards of Idle Mystic to the majority of users. In addition, we have temporarily rejected media reports to ensure that seed users can get enough benefits.

Our plan:

1. On August 18, airdrop rewards were continuously delivered to Twitter users, users, and MNC users

2. The airdrop is closed at 12:00 Singapore time on August 19

3. The pre-sale was officially started at 00:00 Singapore time on August 20, and the initial price was 0.029 ETH

4. On August 26, the game will officially launch on Android and windows PC

Breakthrough! The total number of users exceeds 5000 in 24 hours

Idle Mystic

As the world’s first 3D NFT blockchain game, Idle Mystic has reached 5000 registered users (each IP address only count once) in just one day since the official website went live. It is a great honor to achieve such a result, which has also accelerated our development process. , It is possible to greatly advance the online time of the game!

We have prepared airdrop benefits for fans, and we have distributed nearly 1000 NFTs (with a total value of more than 100,000 US dollars) to fans’ account. Fans who can’t wait to open up their rare assets and share them on the telegram group. Airdrop deadline: August 19, 12:00 Singapore time.

We plan to start the pre-sale at 00:00 Singapore time on August 20th, the first batch of NFTs pre-sale quantity is 12,000, first come first served!

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New Landmark!

Idle Mystic was officially launched on August 17, and the total number of registered users of Idle Mystic exceeded 10,000 as of 0:00 (Singapore time) on August 22.

In addition, at 0:00 (Singapore time) on August 22, Idle Mystic ended the first stage of pre-sales and opened the second stage of pre-sales. As of the end of the first-stage pre-sale period, Idle Mystic’s sales far exceeded Expected.

The third phase of Idle Mystic pre-sale will start at 0:00 (Singapore time) on August 24.

The game platform of Idle Mystic will be officially launched on August 26.

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