Peinture Fraîche Festival launches its first NFT collection and it is coming live on Polygon to strenghten street Art.

Thanks to Polygon integration, Peinture Fraîche will be able to introduce street artists to the Blockchain & NFT world. The low fees of Polygon also open the gate to more adoption since we will give some NFTs to the public without care about Ethereum high fees!

For this 3rd edition and thanks to Polygon integration, Peinture Fraîche Festival will have the opportinuty to release its own NFT collection!
In the will to create a snapshot of the current street art scene, Peinture Fraîche has to be alert to everything that happens within it in order to be the most representative possible. This approach is represented within the festival each year, with an almost complete renewal of the proposed activities.
This year, we propose in particular a virtual visit 360°, for people who don’t have the opportunity to go to the Halle Debourg. This technology allows the whole world to have access to the festival but also allows great visibility to the artists present.

Augmented reality is present again this year.
But this time, it will be expressed through time-lapses captured during the realization of the frescos. With your smartphone, you will be able to have access to the different and techniques of the construction of a work.
But also, live paintings, live radio, and the creation of podcasts or even arcade gaming machines are added to the map of workshops and animations.

Starting from Saturday 2th October, you will be able to bid on our first NFT drop on Polygon blockchain!

About Polygon


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About Peinture Fraîche

Peinture Fraîche

– Peinture Fraîche 3, Last straight line before the festival!
The big departure of the third edition of Peinture Fraîche is coming soon. It will be launched on October 1st, 2021 at the Halle Debourg, in the heart of the 7th district of Lyon, France. Until October 31st, there will be an exhibition of frescoes about fifty artists, but also a great number of animations workshops and live performances.
Each year, themes emerge in the creations and give color to the annual edition. These themes are identified by the team of Peinture Fraiche according to what is most daring and creative in terms of street art today.

The themes of this 3rd edition are the following:
↘ Ecology
↘ Women’s perspectives
↘ New technologies & video games
↘ Abstraction

This year, four strong trends emerge from the programming: new technologies, ecology, women’s views, and abstraction.

Come and visit us: https://opensea.io/Festival-Peinture-Fraiche-NFT

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