Knightlands is launching our Official Beta!!

Knightlands is a Free to Play, Play to Earn Fantasy RPG

Attractive Grand Royale prize pool

Knightlands is proud to announce the launch of the Official Beta of our Free to Play🆓, Play to Earn🤑, multi-chain RPG at the end of September 2021⚔️

After a strong few months of testing and refining within the Alpha, Knightlands is ready to move into the Official Beta! Create your Knight to go on Quests and form the strongest legions to go on Raids and much more.

An attractive Grand Royale awaits the top Knights!

As we move into the Official Beta Battlegrounds of Knightlands, the High King👑 has curated an exceptional total prize pool of $30000 USDC for the top 100 Knights. The inaugural Grand Royale will last for a period of 60 days🏰


Knights will need to prove their worth by killing monsters that roam the Battlegrounds of Knightlands, collecting various resources, and earning FLESH tokens among many other tasks…

Grand Royale leaderboards:

  • Collect special resource (Old Trophy) that drops from ALL quests — gives 1 extra point when used
  • Collect special resource (Ore) from group raids— gives 2 extra points when used
  • Craft a Grand Royale Trophy — combine resources from Quest (Old Trophy) and Raid (Ore) to get 10 points when used.
  • Rare chance to purchase Grand Royale Trophy in the shop — 10 points
  • Each FLESH earned — 1 point
  • All-time high main character power — 1 point per 1 power.

Whom will emerge the top 100 Knights in the inaugural Grand Royale💎

FLESH earned in the Beta Season will be kept in-game (no withdrawals) until the IDO for our 1st Token Knightlands Ducat(KL) is complete. We will post details about KL IDO as soon as possible.

Do join our discord and telegram channels to provide any feedback you have or just to chat with our team and community.

See You in The Knightlands⚔️,

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About Knitghtlands


Knightlands is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn Multi-chain Fantasy RPG with a profit-sharing model based on player’s performance. Gain FLESH tokens while playing. While Quests are your bread and butter to level up, you can also battle tough bosses in Group Raids and compete against other Knights in weekly tourneys to collect precious loot and FLESH, gaining your fair share of the Kingdom. Crafting is also an ability most Knights get to enjoy, in pursuit of perfect mythical items. The top Knights will have a chance to win from an attractive seasonal Grand Royale Prize pool.

The Knightlands Team🏰

Knightlands is a multi-chain RPG, founded with the vision of bringing back the nostalgia of old browser games while delivering creative gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter. Also, remember to clap and share if you like this article.





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