Bonded Finance is going live on Polygon!

For Bonded Finance, the opportunity to collaborate is exciting, as our network will always seek the most robust and comprehensive solution as we evolve and fully decentralize. Given what the future portends, Bonded is thrilled to list Matic as one of our debut assets.

It is our goal to provide Matic supporters with:

  • Access to our Accelerated Crypto Loan protocol
  • Opportunity to loan and borrow the Matic token
  • Capital resources
  • Increased utility— earning potential in upcoming products
  • An opportunity to earn as you HODL
  • Drive demand by removing tokens from circulation
  • Ability to earn liquidity incentives and BOND tokens

To repurpose a polarizing acronym, “MAGA,” Bonded’s dream is to “make alts great again.” We believe that the best synergies lie in technologies that we can not only confidently list, but potentially integrate. This commitment is the essence of any healthy ecosystem and as our maiden voyage gets underway, we are thrilled to be working with Matic.

About Polygon


Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building and connecting Secured Chains like Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium, etc, and Standalone Chains like Polygon POS, designed for flexibility and independence. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 500+ Dapps, ~567M+ txns, and ~6M+ daily txns. If you’re an Ethereum Developer, you’re already a Polygon developer!

If you’re an Ethereum Developer, you’re already a Polygon developer! Leverage Polygon’s fast and secure txns for your Dapp, get started here.

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About Bonded Finance


Bonded Finance is an all-inclusive DeFi solution for altcoin holders. Our mission is to create innovative financial tools that empower everyone to invest like a professional. The Bonded Finance platform will be more than a simple lending and borrowing platform: It will help both individual investors and projects lock tokens, mint stablecoins, gain exposure, access capital, and more. Bonded has already assembled a group of powerful partners, including LINK, MATIC, EGLD, UNN, REN, and numerous others, to be used as collateral types on the platform.
For more information on Bonded Finance, visit our online platforms:

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