Beyond mars art enabling artists to mint NFTs directly off of Instagram through Polygon

After a successful beta phase, beyond mars art is now live on Polygon mainnet. Leveraging the incredibly cheap transaction costs, creatives can mint NFTs directly off of their Instagram profile. Zero gas fees. No crypto currency required. 

Collectors benefit from lightning-fast and inexpensive transactions when bidding on NFTs with wrapped ETH. Potentially saving hundreds of USD in transaction fees per auction, while investing in high quality NFTs by verified artists. NFTs collected on beyond mars art are fully compatible with OpenSea. 

Bringing new creatives into the space and unlocking their potential

When building and growing an NFT marketplace, Ethereums transaction and minting fees have become too expensive for collectors as well as artists. The fast growing Polygon network brings high scalability, while still benefiting from the large Ethereum ecosystem. This is a significant advantage over other blockchains.

Beyond mars art enables creatives to mint NFTs directly off of their Instagram profile. Due to building on Polygon, the NFT platform is able to pay for the minting fees. This removes the need for the artists to own crypto currency to mint and sell their artwork as NFTs. By doing so, creatives who are new to the space, not only save money on minting fees, but can also easily enter the space without having to first purchase crypto currency, set up the right wallets and transfer crypto currency to mint. 

The NFT market has been growing at an exceptional pace. By being the simplest and most inexpensive platform to use, beyond mars art is able to capture a significant portion of new market entrants. Thanks to the scalable Polygon infrastructure, beyond mars art will be able to handle rapid growth and avoid harmful growing pains. 

Increasing collector NFT adoption and beyond

Beyond mars art is live now, allowing collectors to bid on high quality NFTs by verified artists. To celebrate the launch, they have collaborated with former Playmate and the only artist that was ever licensed by Playboy. Victoria Fuller has created a unique 1/1 NFT, featuring an astronaut in space, with the Polygon logo hovering in his hand. Moveover, Victoria Fuller minted the first NFT on the platform, which was featured on various official Playboy channels, including Twitter.

Following the successful launch, beyond mars art plans to further lower the entry barrier for crypto newcomers. Next will be the possibility to directly purchase NFTs using a credit card. This allows new buyers to start collecting NFTs, providing an easy entry into the space. 

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About beyond mars art

Beyond mars

Beyond mars art allows creatives to mint and sell NFTs directly off of their Instagram profile. Zero cost. No crypto currency required. By doing so they have drastically reduced the entry barrier for new artists and managed to attract significant, high quality artist talent. 

Collectors can bid on and purchase NFTs in 24h auctions at
Artists can mint and publish NFTs through the iOS app, available on the App Store.

Connect your MetaMask wallet at to start collecting NFTs and invest in a rapidly growing NFT platform. 100% compatible with OpenSea, NFTs show up in collectors OpenSea collection and are re-sellable on the beyond mars art platform as well as on OpenSea.

beyond mars art on iOS | NFT marketplace

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