Web3, NFTs and Metaverse

Dylan Dewdney, founder of NFT3:

If the crypto community can successfully decentralize the internet, “it’s a future that’s really worth getting excited about

Attendees at the BlockDown Croatia 2022 festival participated in discussions about the sociopolitics of the Web3 ecosystem, non-changeable tokens (NFT) and the Metaverse.

Topics such as use cases within the NFT space were discussed, which provided a platform for independent artists and journalists to raise funds and address real-world challenges such as climate change.

According to Dewdney, real-world problems are likely to seep into the Metaverse despite the merging of the two worlds. He proposed a system that would enable user authentication and prevent identities from being disclosed by other users.


“We’re still going to have the same problems because we’re still the same old boring people doing the same old little things and great things at the same time.” If the crypto community can successfully decentralize the internet, “this is a future that is really worth getting excited about” at both the individual and other social levels.

With NFT3, Dewdney plans to provide a decentralized identity service for the Metaverse ecosystem. The subject of the service, pseudonyms will be used but can be associated with real identity.

Andreessen Horowitz launched the $600 million Games Fund One, dedicated to gaming startups focused on Web3. The fund aims to support game studios, consumer applications and game infrastructure providers.

Metaverse projects also attract investors from the gaming industry. In April, Epic Games had raised $2 billion to create a metaverse with funding from Sony and Lego.

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