Sotheby’s Metaverse unveils plan for NFT charity auction

Luxury art auction house Sotheby’s has partnered with  Sostento, a nonprofit organization that supports frontline health workers in disadvantaged environments.

As part of the partnership, Sotheby’s will display and auction off Sostento’s NFT collection on its Sotheby’s metaverse.

The exhibition tagged “Gifted” will feature 140 NFT items, representing the “biggest NFT charity auction ever.” 

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Newsbsc Sotheby's

The 140 NFTs belonged to Twitter but the mainstream microblogging platform distributed it to 140 random users, following the $2.9 million sale of the first-ever tweet to go live on the platform by CEO Jack Dorsey.

Seven of the NFT giveaway recipients known as “The Besties” have decided to give up their sets of collection to support Sostento’s cause in fighting COVID-19.

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