Metastrike Intends To Distribute In-Game NFTs Via Chainlink VRF

Non-fungible tokens symbolize a certificate of ownership of a digital asset such as music, memes, or video clips. Right from when it was fused into the iGaming industry, NFTs have taken a turn to allow players to buy a piece of virtual land.

The original owners and creators of NFTs maintain the right to acquire royalties for each time their creation is traded on the NFT platform.

Chain Link enables users to access, establish and trade Oracle services, allowing them to give power to hybrid smart contracts on a blockchain. The network guarantees an estimated amount worth billions of Dollars for major industries such as gaming, insurance, Defi, and many others.

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Enterprises of different sizes are given a universal gateway to all blockchains via Chainlink. Users who gain access to the smart contract offering of the Chainlink can dependably and accurately connect to any external API of their choice.

Metastrike is a multiplayer, first-person shooter game that is focused on the technology of blockchain. The game is installed with all the advanced factors that a player may need while playing the game. Additionally, it is imbibed with amazing and breathtaking visuals and modern gameplay support.

Players are given the authority to trade tokenized objects for weapons. Metastrike guarantees fairness to those who make transactions in the in-game tokenized items.

User participation is assured to go through a series of improvements as players would have the ability to see that everyone in the community gets an even opportunity of finding a rare NFT in the game.

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