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Five NFT stories that made the headlines this week

Here are five NFT stories that grabbed attention this week.

“Consider changing your stance” – Blockchain Gaming firms beg Valve not to ban Web3 Games

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A consortium of blockchain gaming companies is appealing to Valve, the firm behind Steam, to rethink its decision to ban Web3 games on its platform.

The 29 blockchain companies, including Enjin and Fight for the Future, made this plea in an open letter published on Tuesday. Read more.

CryptoPunk NFT controversially sold for $530 million 


One of the world’s most popular NFT items, CryptoPunk dominated the headlines when it was reported that the asset sold for $530 million. But in the real sense the NFT was not sold. Eagle-eye investigators found that the owner only moved the NFT asset between his wallets. Read more.

BSN Inventor Red Date will launch NFT infrastructure in China


Red Date Technology, the company behind Blockchain Services Network (BSN), wants to lay the groundwork for non-fungible tokens in China. The company disclosed this at the BSN Open Permissioned Summit on Friday.

CEO Yifan He believes that NFTs will become popular amongst Chinese citizens in the near future but in a different way from how it is in other countries because the government forbids them from running on a decentralized chain. Read more.

Beeple unveils real-life sculpture following remarkable $69m NFT sale


Mike Winkelmann, the designer who raked in $69.3 million from the sale of an NFT asset last year also makes our list of the hottest NFT stories this week.

Winkelmann revealed a video of his newest art this week called the “Human one.” Analysts project that the art, which will be auctioned next month, is worth in excess of $15 million. Read more.

Adobe inducts new feature to verify Photoshop content on NFT marketplaces

Milan, Italy – August 28, 2011: Professional image-editing program Adobe Photoshop on an Apple Imac. Retouching a photo of a girl.

American multinational computer software company Adobe Inc has introduced an update that will enable creators to verify their photoshop content on different NFT marketplaces.

The new feature called “Content Credentials,” which will be available as a preview at the end of the month, will allow graphic artists to “prepare” their digital work as NFTs. Adobe announced. Read More.

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