“Consider changing your stance” – Blockchain Gaming firms beg Valve not to ban Web3 Games

A consortium of blockchain gaming companies is appealing to Valve, the firm behind Steam, to rethink its decision to ban Web3 games on its platform.

The 29 blockchain companies, including Enjin and Fight for the Future, made this plea in an open letter published on Tuesday.

“Web3 games are a fast-moving and exciting category of games that have a place within the Steam ecosystem,” the letter read. “Please consider changing your stance on this issue and permit tokens and, more broadly, the use of blockchain tech on the Steam platform.”

Web3 is a collection of protocols or decentralized apps hosted on a blockchain. In contrast to Web2, It is a backend revolution invented by Gavin Wood to increase the Internet’s IQ.

Blockchain gaming companies, seeing Web3’s potential to link NFT and DeFi with virtual gaming, have since utilized it in building user-oriented games.

Steam is the largest cloud-based gaming library globally, with over 17-24 million active users daily.

Last month, Steam announced the ban of blockchain-based and NFT games because they carry “real life value” and might cause rifts between the company and regulatory authorities.

The pleading coalition of companies, however, argues that Web3 games offer “new economic opportunities” for users and creators.

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