Crypto Network Etherum Splits into 2 new Chains. What is it mean?

Full node clients saw the second-largest Crypto Network Etherum split into two chains. An update named Hades Gamma was distributed to tackle system vulnerability and solve the problem in mid of August 2021. The patch was not leveraged by a large number of full node clients and the network forked.

Hades Gamma was released because the developers of Etherum found out that there was an issue with the system and Crypto Network Etherum was becoming vulnerable. It was a hotfix release to patch a vulnerability in the EVM (CVE-2021-39137). Etherum Blockchain fork and was a hot topic for a discussion on Twitter. Lucas Nuzzi tweeted:

Crypto Network Etherum

Ethereum has split into at least 2 versions and only a third of Geth nodes are in the “correct” chain. The full impact is unclear at this point, but OpenEthereum may have also been indirectly impacted. Block difficulty has dropped 10% over the past few hours.

Crypto Network Etherum Upgrade:

According to the data provided by the analytical web portals, Etherum Blockchain has split into at least two versions because a large number of Geth nodes did not update to the correct chain. People were informed about the incident from an official account of Go Etherum. They said:

“A chain split has occurred on the Ethereum mainnet,” the Go Ethereum. The issue was resolved in the v1.10.8 release announced previously. Please update your nodes, if you haven’t already.”

Crypto Network Etherum full node users were told to upgrade their software before this chain happened. More than 70% of the Etherum Network’s nodes use the old version of the Geth client. They warned about the chain split before and asked the users to upgrade their system by saying:

This issue has been allocated CVE-2021-39137, and a Github security advisory (to be filled in later) [has] been published at [Github].

The users should refrain from using the Etherum Network for now because it can cause you to lose your money to someone else. Fro more similar content click here.

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