Weekly NFT sales reach $4.7 billion despite the extreme bearish market

Statistics suggest that weekly NFT sales reach $4.7 billion despite the extreme bearish market. NFT sales are up 81% since the last week. The NFT sales volume of Ethereum has been on a continuous rise.

Weekly NFT sales reach $4.7 billion:

The craze of the NFT market is not going to slow down even in this bearish cycle of the crypto market. Billions of dollars are out of the crypto market following the BTC’s nosedive to the $34k level. Weekly NFT sales reach $4.7 billion despite this ongoing bearish cycle in the crypto market. If we look at the prior weekly sales of NFT then it summed up to $2.5 billion. Cryptoslam.io has reported that weekly NFT sales have increased by 81%.

If we look further in the data, then we will come to know that the Ethereum blockchain is number one in this sales activity. The NFT sales of Ethereum have increased almost 85% over the last week. Ronin is the second platform that saw an increase of almost 30% in NFT sales. The third and fourth largest blockchains in terms of NFT sales, Solana and Flow, have seen sales drop this past week.

Weekly NFT sales

Solana NFT sales are down 10.26% and Flow NFT sales have decreased by 13.17%. However, the biggest drop in NFT sales was Polygon’s 23.57% drop this past week. Theta saw a drop in sales this week but only lost 4.56%. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) saw the largest increase in seven-day sales with a 279.67% increase.

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