Web 3 blockchain technology

Web 3 blockchain technology: What is it?

Have you heard the word, Web 3 blockchain technology? You might have interacted with the term on the internet these days because the internet is going crazy about it.

Internet is playing a vital role in people’s life nowadays. The rise of the recent pandemic has made this role even more significant. Web 1.0 was the first iteration of the internet and represents the first arrival of the internet in the late 1980s. It included only static ‘read-only’ messages, developed by only a few participants. Subsequently, the world witnessed the growth of web 2.0 which focused on significant improvements in user participation and interaction.

The world is changing very fast. Improvements are being made in every field of life. In recent days, a new discussion about the Web 3 blockchain technology started in which big names like former CEO of Twitter and Tesla Boss got involved. So what is Web 3? Let’s take a deep dive into this new buzzword.

Brief Introduction of Web 3 blockchain technology:

The simplest definition of the Web 3 would be that it is the next evolved version of the internet. This evolved version of the web will be connected through a network of blockchains from across the world. As the whole network will be spread across the world, the chances of it going down, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, will be zero.

In case you’re wondering that what will be new in this new version of the web, let me clarify that it will be completely decentralized. The big difference between the present version of Web and Web 3 blockchain Technology will be that it will not be controlled by any single entity like Google or Meta (Formerly known as Facebook).  As there will be no centralized servers, all the data will be spread among the devices, and people will access them without any supervision.

Web 3 blockchain technology

The main features of the Web 3 blockchain technology are:

  • Web 3 focuses to be user-centric and will not be controlled by any single entity.
  • There will be no mass-marketing strategies in Web 3 rather it will be person-based.
  • By using innovative technologies like AI, ML semantic web will be introduced. The semantic web simply means the method of understanding web content like human behavior.

The decentralized architecture of web 3.0 aims to resolve the issues emerging from centralized power and control. Some of the formidable issues addressed by web 3.0 would refer to user trust, transparency, and privacy. Web 3 will be using the concepts like Artificial intelligence, IoT, and blockchain to achieve decentralization.

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