US ranks top of the Crypto-Ready index

The United States of America has been adjudged the most “crypto-ready” country in the world based on some pivotal criteria such as Internet search results, Crypto-enabled ATMs, and regulations.

According to the 2021 Crypto-Ready index, released by Crypto Head, a leading research firm in the industry, the US has a score of 7.13, making it the top-ranked nation on the list.

The United States of America leads the way when it comes to the availability of Crypto ATMs.


“In terms of crypto ATMs, the USA is leading the way with over 17,000 which is by far the most in the world, as the next closest country has around 16,000 less,”
“US law allows for ownership of crypto and its use in banks, and there has been a 140% increase in searches for cryptocurrency in the past year.”

Cyprus sits second on the list while two Asian countries, Singapore and Hong Kong, complete the top four.

The UK is fifth on the table with a score of 6.06,10, other countries in the top 10 include Ireland, Slovenia, Australia, Germany, and Canada.

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