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Madison Cawthorn, a member of the United States Republican Congress, Northern Carolina, will encounter an investigation this year to ascertain how much involvement he had in a crypto pump and dump game strategy. He will face a subcommittee of four Congress members over his presumed involvement in the crypto plan promotion of “Let’s Go, Brandon,” according to a statement released by the U.S House of Representatives Committee on Monday, May 23, 2022.

The statement released by the committee states that “The Committee notes that the mere fact of establishing an Investigative Subcommittee does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred.”

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Texas Democrat Veronica Veronica Escobar is likely to lead the U.S. House Ethics Subcommittee, which would inspect whether Cawthorn made biased use of authority and divulged the proposal to know if he had an “undisclosed financial interest” in it.

It is relevant to know that Cawthorn is already under inspection against an “improper relationship” with a staff member of Congress.

Let’s Go Brandon announces itself as an ERC-20 decentralized meme token “inspiring positivity and patriotism.”  The project also guarantees to get an Anti Whale dumping system that ceases supporters of the foundation and prominent bag holders from trading the token before the sixth month.

Since April 23, 2022, the token has dipped by 83% and during the last observation it was selling for a fraction of a cent. The token illustrates the Let’s Go Brandon initiative, a phrase for U.S Vice President Joe Biden popular amongst right-wing circles.

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