US Coinbase customers will enjoy new Direct Deposit Feature

The digital currency firm, Coinbase, announced that US Coinbase customers will be able to enjoy the new direct deposit feature of the firm very soon. The paycheck of the customers will be directly deposited into Coinbase accounts and they will be able to make investments, claimed in a published article.

A publicly-listed company, Coinbase, has come a long way since its creation in 2012. The firm is considered one of the top crypto-related service providers. Now as the world is changing very rapidly so is the crypto world. The firms are trying to be up to date and attracting customers by bringing new features and facilities.

US Coinbase customers
The trading volume of Coinbase from the 2018 and 2020
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US Coinbase customers will enjoy new feature:

Prakash Hariramani, director of product in the company, has revealed a new feature launching for the US Coinbase customers. In the article, Prakash explained that we are going to reveal a new feature in few weeks. This feature will allow the US customers of the firm to deposit their paycheck directly into their Coinbase account. He further elaborated by saying:

Now, you’ll save time on the extra steps it takes to move money so you can immediately earn interest on your income or earn crypto rewards with your Coinbase Card. Plus, you’ll pay zero transaction fees on direct deposit funds so you have instant and free access to the crypto economy.

Prakash has claimed that by this feature the US Coinbase customers will be able to deposit as little or as much as they want from their paychecks. He further added that the customers will have access to over 100 cryptocurrencies and the directly deposited fund will be paid in any asset they want. The total guideline will be provided to any company’s HR and instructions will also be available on the website for easy access.

Bitwage is another company providing a direct deposit feature and now Coinbase is also going to offer it to US customers. For more content click here.

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