Two Paraguayan Legislators set to present Bitcoin Bill on July 14

The crypto wave is blowing through South America. Having touched Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico, the next stop is Paraguay as two lawmakers prepare to present a bitcoin bill next week.

Congressman Carlitos Rejala and Senator Fernando Silva Facetti will present the bill to Paraguay’s Congress on Wednesday, July 14.

If the bill is passed, Paraguay might become the latest South American country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.


“I am here to unite Paraguay,” Rejala tweeted in excitement.

As if the tweets were not definitive of his intentions enough, Rejala added laser eyes to his profile picture on the microblogging website (Twitter).


Just as El Salvador President Nayib Bukele did when he was bit by bitcoin’s bug.

Carlitos Rejala is on that same path, but does he have enough sway-power to convince other legislators to support his course?

In his latest tweet, Rejala admitted that some naysayers think he is a dreamer, but he argues he is not alone. 

For what it is worth it, Rejala looks determined to lead Paraguay’s journey towards bitcoin adoption.

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