Tron has achieved the historical goal of becoming a DAO

Tron has achieved the milestone of becoming a fully-fledged DAO. Tron Foundation decided to close in July 2021 and it has announced that now Tron Network has become a self-sustaining Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Tron has achieved the goal of becoming a DAO:

Tron network aimed to be a fully-fledged DAO in the previous year. In July 2021, Tron Foundation was shut down to achieve this milestone. With this mission, the team of Tron has been working very hard. After the closure of the Tron Foundation, the founder & CEO of the firm, Justin Tron, resigned in December 2021. The platform has done everything to close its doors and let the DAO take over the management of the Network.

Tron has achieved

Tron has achieved the milestone of becoming a fully-fledged DAO, according to the tweet from the official account of the firm. The website of the Tron Network will pass from the Foundation to DAO and the network will be fully decentralized. The tweet further detailed that Tron Network is sufficiently self-sustainable as a DAO.

Tron has achieved

Tron has achieved this milestone but the native token, TRX, has not benefitted much from this. TRX achieved its ATH four years ago in 2018 and its current price is 66% lower. Updated statistics have also been shared with the masses.  The total number of accounts on Tron has exceeded 69 million, while the total number of transactions recorded on the blockchain has reached 2.72 billion. TVL on Tron has also reached $10.9 billion but it is yet to be seen whether TRX benefits from this move or not.

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