Tron CEO is stepping down to be a new ambassador at WTO

Tron CEO is stepping down to be an ambassador in Grenada. The press release by the Tron foundation shows that Justin Sun will join the government of Grenada as its new ambassador to World Trade Organization (WTO).

The man who loves promoting crypto to influential names, Justin Sun, has decided to step down from his position as CEO of Tron Foundation. He has so much passion for teaching crypto to the big names that he paid $4.5 million to meet Warren Buffet for the honor of having one meal. Justin founded the Tron Foundation in 2017 and he has been CEO since then. A huge announcement has come from the Tron foundation.

Tron CEO is stepping down:

The firm shared a press release with Decrypt which revealed that Tron CEO is stepping down to be an ambassador in Grenada. Justin Sun has expressed his joy for this huge opportunity at WTO. A tweet from CoinDesk quoted the news that Tron CEO is stepping down and questioned what will be his next chapter. Justin replied that he is not retiring and will be connected with the communities to serve as a supporter role.

Tron CEO is stepping down

A spokesperson for Tron confirmed to Decrypt that it isn’t a “paid role,” and added that “one of [Sun’s] goals is to represent and make blockchain mainstream by bringing it to the global political arena via [the] WTO.” The press release has confirmed that Justin’s role will be to revive and digitalize the covid-hit economy of Grenada.

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