Travel with crypto: New partnership between UATP and Bitpay

Now anyone can Travel with crypto through Airlines like Air China, Air Canada, Delta, Frontier, Japan Airlines Southwest, and many more. 300 airline members and travel merchants will be offering crypto payment options through UATP (Universal Air Travel plan) Global Payment Network. New partnership between UATP and Bitpay made it possible. 

Crypto is penetrating our daily lives and is fulfilling the promise of making our lives better and comfortable. A lot of people in the world are facing currency issues and rapidly are turning towards cryptocurrency. The community of crypto must admit that even criticism sometimes brings popularity for crypto. UATP and Bitpay have partnered up to provide the option of Travel with crypto.

Travel with crypto through UATP Global Payment Network:

Every day is proving to be a better day than previous for crypto. An airline-owned payment network, UATP, is used by thousands of merchants for travel services like rail, hotel, air, and travel agencies. On Wednesday, UATP announced that it has partnered up with Bitpay to accept payments in cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, DOGE, and six other coins.

Travel with crypto
List of members of UATP
Source: UATP

The CEO of UATP Ralph Kaiser said that it’s a perfect combination of two experts in crypto and airline. He further added:

Crypto payment stands to be a market changer in the industry; this partnership creates the opportunity for the airlines to attract new customers and to be a first-mover in this very exciting space.

Bitpay CEO also commented on how the partners will grow together:

UATP’s broad network of airlines is also now capable of reaching millions of new global customers who choose to pay with crypto regardless of what wallet they hold since Bitpay supports all crypto wallets.

Anyone can Travel with crypto payment and leave the worries of going to Banks and ATMs. These steps will surely attract a lot of new people who want to save their time and be done with the process easily.

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