Top 5 Web 3.0 crypto projects that are worth investing

As the new breed of the internet is in town, we will suggest you best top 5 Web 3.0 projects that are worth investing in.

Top 5 Web 3 projects:

Web 3.0 is about to emerge as the cornerstone of something bigger than the tech industry ever imagined. Users will interact on Web 3.0 in a different way. This technology is more user-centric and will not be controlled by a single entity that uses the data of people for their own purposes. A lot of Web 3.0 initiatives are already in place but most of the cryptonians don’t know them. So, we will discuss the top 5 Web 3.0 projects that are worth investing in.

The top 5 Web 3.0 projects and their working is discussed below.

Helium (HNT):

Helium is a decentralized blockchain that aims to develop a network of IoT devices. Blockchain is using a novel work algorithm named, Proof of Coverage (PoC). The miners at the Blockchain try to verify the location of the Hotspots and the coverage of the wireless network. If they succeed to verify then they are rewarded accordingly. Helium Proof of Coverage consensus mechanism rewards miners in native token of the Blockchain, $HNT.

Top 5 Web 3 projects

Polkadot (DOT):

Most of the investors might not know but Polkadot is a Web 3 project. This project is known for seeking scalability. Polkadot has more transaction speed and low fees when compared to Ether. DOT has the potential to stand as a market leader because the popularity of digital assets is increasing with each passing day.

Top 5 Web 3 projects

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN):

OCEAN is offering the required tools to the developers for building Web 3 solutions. The token makes one of the best investments for those looking to invest in a Web 3.0 token with much potential. OCEAN developers are also working on the idea of decentralizing data sharing.

ZCash (ZEC):

Zcash was developed by a group of scientists from MIT, John Hopkins, and many other reputable institutions. The ZEC was one of the first privacy-built digital assets. The fun fact about ZCash is that it was built on a Bitcoin codebase with an additional feature of Privacy.

Flux (FLUX):

Flux aims to provide the groundwork for the developers to build out this new iteration of the web. With the help of Flux, users can develop Web 3.0 applications and decentralized projects and then deploy them across various networks. This becomes especially efficient with the help of FluxOS- a decentralized operating system made just for Flux users.

We have discussed the top 5 Web 3 projects that have the potential to grow fast in the coming days. DYOR.

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