Top 5 Potential Cryptocurrencies To Buy

Since the start of the year, the crypto market has been going up and down with a predominance of declines. In fact, it was blood red. With the outflow of money, all small investors suffered losses. He industry is still experiencing a bearish rally while users expect to recover but the market is not yet ready to pullback.

Last month was another challenging month for the crypto space, as the market value fell by 33%, from $1.31 trillion to $880 billion. However, this depicts that the institutional investors are not happy about the current market status. Although, We have top 5 cryptocurrencies to purchase in July for gains in the future.

Tokens To Buy and Hold

For long-term investors, the first choice of cryptocurrencies will be Solana (SOL). It is one of the top 10 crypto-assets by market cap value. It may gain in value in the long run as it has its own network and is shown as a competitor to Ethereum .

The next token is Avalanche (AVAX), which has soared five times since its launch .  AVAX entered the market in 2020 for $4 and reached its all-time high (ATH) in November 2021 at $144. Avalanche launched by avalabs, avalabs goal is to bring radical innovations to the crypto market

Following that, is the BNB coin which is the native token of largest crypto exchange, Binance. BNB is currently the third-largest crypto by market cap excluding stablecoins. BNB can make big changes with binance behind it, so we added it to our list.

The fourth token is Tron (TRX), which has been in the market since 2017. Tron has a mission to bypass the world’s centralized middlemen like Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Appstore. These are to be achieved by paying content creators directly for their intellectual labor in TRX tokens.

The last token is Cosmos (Atom) , which wants to solve the problems in the market and contribute to the crypto world. Its main function is scaling, although it is young, it is care about the problems in the market and creating solutions for them.

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