Bitcoin ATM in a mall allows to buy and sell Bitcoin crypto. Orange BTC cryptocurrency exchange machine. Warsaw, Poland - October 23, 2021

Thieves cart away Bitcoin ATM in Barcelona


  • A Bitcoin ATM was stolen in Barcelona, Spain
  • Local Authorities have launched an investigation into the matter
  • Crypto ATM crimes are on the rise worldwide

Catalonia’s Mossos d’Esquadra police are probing the theft of a bitcoin ATM from a crypto-store in the Sarria area of Barcelona, Spain.

The precise location of where the raid took place is still unknown, but hearsays believe the machine was stolen from a Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) branch located within the vicinity.

Local news agency EFE News reports that the assault occurred around 3 a.m on Friday. Security operatives confirmed the incident but refused to disclose more details to avoid drawbacks during the investigations.

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Global Bitcoin ATM scams are on the rise

Newsbsc Bitcoin ATM

As CNBC reported this week, more criminals are using bitcoin ATMs for their fraudulent activities, taking advantage of its relative privacy and ease of transaction features to launder illegal money.

According to data from Coin ATM Radar, there are over 30,000 crypto ATMs currently installed worldwide. More than 26,000 of those ATMs are dedicated to trading bitcoin.

The FBI recently issued a stern warning and advised the public to be vigilant after noticing “an increase in scammers directing victims to use physical cryptocurrency ATMs and digital QR codes to complete payment transactions.”

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