The JavaSwap juggernaut joins forces with Polygon for the Non-Fungible Thousand Airdrop!

Hello World! We hope you’ve had your caffeine this morning, however if not, we have something that will be sure to perk you up! We are JavaSwap, the newest and most innovative kid on the DeFi block.

We are a cutting edge AMM and yield farm on Polygon (MATIC) with some of the fastest transaction speeds, the cheapest fees and one of the most intuitive user interfaces. JavaSwap is the people’s token, allowing anyone to rapidly swap without paying overly expensive fees. Here are some of its most unbeatable features:‌

-Ultra rapid transaction times‌

-Ultra low transaction fees‌

-Faster and cheaper than most major DEXs

-Simple user interface for smooth user experience

-ERC-20 compatible

-Sky-high APY for yield farming on Java Farms and Espresso Pools

-Smart contracts undergoing professional auditing

-Rigorous security mechanisms ensuring community confidence

-Anti-whale mechanisms to combat whales controlling the supply

-Awesome games such as Lucky Lotto with many more on the way

-IFOs for builders and investors

The Non-Fungible Thousand Airdrop

We are excited to announce that we are doing an airdrop of 1000 NFTs to the first 1000 JAVA buyers during our 9 day presale. This is called the “Non-Fungible Thousand Airdrop”. 20 NFTs are reserved for the JavaSwap team and the remaining 980 NFTs are unique, exclusive and are rarity-based. The first 100 will be even more rare and have the rarest and most exclusive features. This airdrop will occur on October the 9th to immortalise the JAVA token’s Lunar Launch and to immortalise that we are working with Polygon. Therefore, all the NFTs will have both JavaSwap’s logo and Polygon’s as well. We will have different variants of Mr Java Bean and his family (our main meme mascot). So get ready to hoard bags of JAVA and get an NFT sure to exceed its price in JAVA!


We are the first DEX truly made for the people! We are not a community-based DEX, but a community-driven DEX. We want our community to have democratic input which creates and sculpts our future direction. Together we can all create the best DEX with the most wanted features.

We are the first DEX ever to have anti-whale tokenomics embedded in our smart contracts which deter and prevent whales from scooping up JAVA at low prices. Once a user purchases more than $1000 worth of JAVA, the price of JAVA for that user incredibly incrementally increases in intervals making JAVA whale proof by design. This is the first of its kind!

Additionally, we currently have many awesome features such as: swaps for trading, staking, farming, referrals, contests, pre-sale, JAVAcademy and games such as Lucky Lotto. All of these features are created for our community with many specifically designed to enrich our community through sky-high APY via staking and farming!

Why Polygon?

We have integrated with Polygon because Polygon packs a profoundly promethean punch and powers the JavaSwap platform. We strongly believe that Polygon is the best all-purpose blockchain for the DeFi ecosystem as it successfully addresses many of the longstanding problems found elsewhere. Polygon is a commit-chain designed to bring mass scalability to Ethereum and interoperability between other blockchains. Polygon has the following incomparable features:

-Uber rapid transaction speeds and finality
-Mega cheap fees at below fractions of a cent
-Interoperability with Ethereum based ERC20 tokens
-Unbelievable price efficiency
-The powerhouse behind the JavaSwap ecosystem

The only reason our fees are so low is due to Polygon’s amazing suite of technologies deftly interwoven into its blockchain in order to provide genius solutions to problems such as scalability, high gas fees, long transaction times. Polygon solves all of these problems effortlessly. Polygon is the solution to all the high fees and gas pollution!

What will JavaSwap’s future look like?


JavaSwap’s future is determined by our Revolutionary Roadmap. Our robust and rebellious Revolutionary Roadmap shows we have many new games on the way including: JavaBid, Black Jack, Poker, Javaroll, Javaroulette and Javaflip. All of which burn massive amounts of JAVA making it even scarcer! We also are making a Polygon powered NFT marketplace jam-packed with many new NFT features such as with instant NFT minting, NFT swaps and NFT mining. NFT mining is a foremost feat and the first of its kind!

In the not too distant future, we have many major game-changing features such as multi-chain and cross-chain swaps. We know the world of finance is going in a decentralised direction and the future of DEXs will be multi-chain and cross-chain. We can certainly say JavaSwap is predestined for greatness!


There is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity! So get some MATIC or USDC ready for our pre-sale on October the 9th and get ready to be part of the revolution. And remember! Just. Join. JAVA!

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