The Hashrate of BTC has surged 42 percent over the last 3 months

The Hashrate of BTC has surged 42 percent since August 13, it reached 157 exahashe per second (EH/s) from 110 (EH/s). The price of the BTC is hovering above $60k for the last 28 days. The difficulty to mine the BTC has also increased by 50%.

The Hashrate of BTC has surged by 42 percent:

The increasing price of the BTC is impacting the hashrate of the token. BTC is hovering above the $60k price mark from the last 28 days. This increasing price of the token has attracted a lot of miners to the market. The hashrate of BTC has reached 157 (EH/s) which was recorded 110 (EH/s) on August 13, 2021. It means that the network has seen a 42% increase over the period of 3 months.

 The Hashrate of BTC

The statistics from the CoinWarz show that 14 major mining pools are providing hash power to the network. 10.24% of the BTC network’s hashrate is coming from the stealth miners. The hashrate of BTC has surged and it seems that it is following the price of the token. The top four mining pools are controlling 58.6% of the network’s hashrate. The percentage of mining controlled by the different pools is given as; F2pool 28.51%, Foundry USA 12.7%, Antpool 26%, and viaBTC 11.8%.

The Hashrate of BTC

The increasing price of the BTC has impacted not only the hashrate of BTC but it has increased the difficulty of Bitcoin mining. Due to the rising hashrate, this will be the ninth time in a row that Bitcoin’s network difficulty increased. The nine adjustments equate to being over 50% more difficult to mine bitcoin (BTC) since July 17, 2021.

Despite this much increase in the hashrate and difficulty of the network, miners are making $34 to $45 in a day, according to today’s exchange rate. For more content click here.

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