Shibance Decentralized Meme Exchange

The #1 Shibance Decentralized Meme Exchange: A Possible Reinforcement to your Meme Portfolio?

 Shibance decentralized Meme Exchange is the world’s first doge Meme exchange to support all the meme coins like Doge Coins, Shiba Inu, and SafeMoon. Shibance can prove to be a fortune to your Meme portfolio.Shibance Decentralized Meme Exchange

Shibance Decentralized Meme Exchange: Introduction

In Early May 2021, a lot of FUDs started to storm the crypto-verse and the whole market has lost Billions since then. The dogecoin was strongly backed by the DogeFather, Elon Musk, but it could not stand its ground due to the Bitcoin nose dive to $30,000. Dogecoin Ranked #6 on CoinMarketCap has lost more than 60% value since then. The same chaos struck other meme coins like Shiba Inu and Safemoon. This caused many of the investors and traders to turn their portfolios into huge losses and there’s stopping until now.

Shibance is here to save the day. Based on Binance Smart Chain, the #1 Doggy Dex and Launchpad, serves the purpose of supporting all meme coins with its numerous meme events and meme tokens like the Shiba token, ticker: WOOF.

Shibance Decentralized Meme Exchange: Ecosystem and Exchange Features

To aid well the meme tokens the Shibance Decentralized Meme Exchange is a whole new ecosystem where the native tokens will be Shiba token, ticker: WOOF. WOOF will be their governance token for proposals on the Shibance Ecosystem. The exchange will provide and a decentralized platform and forming rewards for partner projects as its launch features. Another great feature at launch level is WOOF staking Pool where you can earn incredibly high APY. On launch, you can stake LP tokens in farms to earn WOOFs and Stake WOOFs in Doggy Pound to earn more WOOFs.

Once the exchange is launched, the developer team is looking forward to adding more fantastic features to the DEX Ecosystem. The team states,

Our team consists of front-end & back-end devs, DeFi experts, community managers, and a dedicated graphic designer. Projects will be carefully vetted to ensure we list only the very best memes, and minimise the risk of rugs.

In the post-launch event, being a potential investor and trader, you should be looking forward to these excellent features:

  1. Initial WOOF offerings (‘IWOs’), on our launchpad
  2. WOOF lotteries
  3. Weekly votes on farming boost for meme tokens
  4. Top-secret development update (project codename: FLOOF)
  5. NFT farming
  6. Cross-chain support

Future Roadmap of Shibance:

The Shibance team has shared a tentative road map to follow in the near future as the exchange is still in the beta testing phase. The launchpad is expected to drop huge public airdrops and early selling will be starting soon.

  1. OG Status Details
  2. Partnership Announcements
  3. Public Airdrop
  4. Tokenomics Details
  5. Launch Event
  6. Meme Competition
  7. Community Contributors Program
  8. Project FLOOF Unveiling

Shibance Meme Competitions:

Memes are taking over the world more rapidly than any other thing, it’s a storm that inevitably strikes everyone sarcastically. You love making and watching memes? Who doesn’t! Well now, your very WOOFING talent can earn you. Shibance Decentralized Meme Exchange provides you an opportunity to make creative d.O.G.s memes and win a lot of benefits and ‘dog respect’ as O.G status(which itself comes with a juicy airdrop, exclusive NFTs, and platform beta-access). If your meme managed to appear in the top 10, you will receive the following perks:

  1. OG Airdrop
  2. Exclusive NFTs
  3. Exclusive Platform Beta-Testing Access
The Battle of Dogs – Shibance

Besides all these amazing prizes, if your meme stood #1 it will be turned into an NFT and your talent be immortalized forever. Not only this, but you will be getting a handsome share from all their NFT sales.

Such an event was launched recently by Shibance on the 19th of June as the first Meme Competition named “Shibance Episode 1: Battle of the Doges”. The team has finalized all the winners and will contact them through their official Twitter handle.

O.G.’s status will be rewarded to community members who have made an outstanding contribution to the Shibance ecosystem, handpicked by the Shibance team.

Shibance Tokenomics:

From the total supply of 4,500,000 WOOFs, the Shibance will distribute 80,000 WOOFs in Public Air Drops and additionally 20,000 WOOFs in O.G Air Drops.shibance tokenomics

In the yield forming, there will be 40 WOOFs per Block and Emissions will halve every 30 days for the first 60 days, and yearly thereafter.

Token Name Shiba Token
Symbol WOOF
Initial Supply 4,500,000 WOOF
Initial Price $0.0125
Initial Market Cap $56,250
WOOF Distribution Schedule
WOOF Distribution Schedule

Shibance Decentralized Meme Exchange: Strategic Partners:

  1. Grizzly Capital

Grizzly Capital is a nascent Venture Capital fund, based out of the Netherlands and Germany. As a result of their hard work and dedication, they have seen meteoric growth, which can be evidenced by their recent forged partnerships.

Shibance and Grizzly Capital

Recently they have partnered with Shibance and they both head on a long go venture of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

In times like this, you need to adapt to the shift in demand from the public. Shibance perfectly capitalizes on that shift and will end up becoming a major addition to the BSC ecosystem. It has been a pleasure to work with Shibance and advise them throughout their journey. We look forward to further collaborating with Shibance in the coming months. Marlon, Grizzly Capital,

  1. Chainstride Capital:

Chainstride Capital is a cryptocurrency-focused VC founded in 2020. We find, invest in, and incubate the newest and most cutting-edge crypto startups, offering exceptional returns for our investors and valuable mentorship.

Shibance and Chainstride

The Shibance exchange partners with this excellent platform to empower more the Leash.

Concluding Statement:

We all have our portfolios already in huge losses due to loads of FUDs and especially our pet coins like DogeCoin, Shiba Inu. The Shibance Launches in hard times and it can sure come as a savior as Real DogeFather. With numerous WOOFING events and competitions, Amazing tokenomics, incredible features of Shibance DEX and launchpad, and tempting airdrops, this project has a lot of potential growth due to its inimitable idea.

Shibance, We WOOF You! 

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