The #1 Fucu Finance: A Possible Reinforcement to your Meme Portfolio?

Fucu Finance Yield farming aims to be the first project in the world that has NFT market and combines NFT markets.

Today, many new projects are of great interest thanks to Defi. Fucu Finance saw this interest in Defi and the NFT sector and decided to use NFT tokens to optimize the Farming system.

Features of Fucu Finance:
Pre-Excavated: 1,000,000
Name: Fucu Finance
Decimals: 18

1,000,000 Total Supply
750,000 Public Sale
100,000 Teams
100,000 Marketing
50,000 Airdrops

The public sale started on 12.08.2021 and will end on 31.08.2021. Fucu Finance will be opened for trading on uniswap on 01.09.2021.

Farming Start Block:

Fucu Finance, Many investors are losing money due to the very high Volatility in Cryptocurrencies lately. Trading is very difficult if you are not a broker. That’s why we aim for people to earn comfortably with Fucu Finance Farming without the need to trade.

They state that they oppose all sales protocols that segregate people, such as private selling or whitelisting. Therefore, we are making public for ICO details. Anyone who wants to register can buy if the sale is not over.

Finally, let’s take a look at the roadmap of the project.


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