Tezos-based NFT

Tezos-based NFT marketplace ends its service without any prior notice

Tezos-based NFT marketplace, Hic et Nunc, has discontinued its services after becoming one of the top NFT firms. Hic et nunc’s creator has not explained why the marketplace was shut down. Isn’t it strange? It looks strange because the firm had all-time sales of more than $50 million.

Tezos-based NFT marketplace ends its service:

Hic et Nunc, the 14th largest NFT marketplace in terms of all-time sales, has discontinued its services, No prior notice or explanation was provided by the firm. This firm was a Tezos-based NFT marketplace. It is a bit strange that why the firm with all-time sales of more than $50 million is gone without any reason. The average price per NFT is calculated to be $25.29 with more than 48k traders.

Tezos-based NFT
Source: Twitter

At press time, the Hic et Nunc front end is not operating and it gives a server error explaining that the server cannot be found. Although, other affiliated links like “hen101.xyz” are still operational. The marketplace’s official Twitter account “@hicetnunc2000” is also still working and the account shared two messages about closing without much explanation.

Tezos-based NFT
Source: Twitter

The bio of the Twitter account says “discontinued” and a tweet containing the marketplace’s smart contract address. The owner of the account has disabled the response button of the tweet. The response from the people to this tweet was not very kind. Some people called this a rug pull, some called it a scam, and the remaining were thinking it was hacked. Some people were thinking that the creator of the Tezos-based NFT platform was upset about some messages.

It looks very strange and let’s see what comes out of this speculation. Read more here.

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