Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweets cryptic “trust” meme

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk is back on Twitter talking about cryptocurrencies.

The billionaire tweeted a cryptic meme showing three ladies having a conversation and a dog whose mouth was held by one of the ladies.

Via: Twitter (Elon Musk)

Other Twitter users have been trying to interpret the message Elon Musk was trying to pass with the meme.

Some believe that the “Doge Father” is siding with bitcoin against the government especially in the wake of newly imposed regulations.

One user (World of Engineering) found a funny perspective to Musk’s tweet, replying with an edited version of the original meme. 

Via: Twitter (Elon Musk)

During the B-Word conference, Musk revealed that he hodls three tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge) and his two companies (Tesla and SpaceX own Bitcoins. 

No one knows for sure what Elon Musk is driving at with his latest tweet but we might start seeing the ripple effects soon.

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