Swap your Dogecoins with BTC – Barry Silbert advice investors

Founder of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert appears to be swimming against the tide after he released a tweet telling investors holders to “convert” their Dogecoins to BTC.

Dogecoin holders must have been pleased with the sudden upward rise in the value of their digital asset this past few weeks.

Fanatics are optimistic that the token might break the $1 mark before the end of this month.

Honestly, you cannot fault or discredit their argument considering the lofty heights that Doge has attained recently.

Riding on the back of Elon Musk’s public support, the “joke coin” is looking to give other altcoins a serious run for their money.

Dogecoin has undoubtedly attracted a lot of rookies into the digital asset exchange community.

Nevertheless, Barry Silbert believes that investing in “stable” cryptocurrencies is more profitable.

Okay $DOGE peeps, it’s been fun. Welcome to crypto!

But the time has come for you to convert your DOGE to BTC

Barry Silbert’s $1m Doge-Bet

Silbert who is the pioneer of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and a key player in the world of digital assets has decided to put his money where his mouth is.

The billionaire has vowed to donate $1m to charity if Dogecoin reaches $1 by the end of this month to further spice up the situation.

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