Solana Total Value Locked ( TVL) Attains  2022 Low

Solana TVL keeps on plunging in the third week of May as a result of bearish trends in the market that have been experiencing a decline in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Solana has been listed among the best-performing crypto platforms over the last 18 months. Be (in) Crypto Research stated that Solana has had a 60% loss in total value locked since January 2022.

On January 1st, Solana reached a total value locked of an estimated $11.22 billion, descending to about $4.38 billion on May 15.

Solana is a decentralized blockchain that is capable of building user-friendly applications that are highly expandable. As the fastest growing ecosystem in the Crypto finance platform, Solana has thousands of projects under Web3, such as NFTs and DeFi.

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Solana TVL dipped to fresh high lows this week due to decentralized applications (dApps) in its ecosystem descending to new lows.

For example, Solend – a decentralized lending and borrowing platform-  has descended by more than 8% in the last month; at the same time, yield aggregation platform Tulip has also lost more than 11% of its total value locked within the same period of time.

Staking platform, Marinade Finance, and decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol serum have shed more than 48% and 42% of their TVL.

Other dApps that have brought about a decline in total value locked are, Raydium, Atrix, Orca, Fancium, Quarry, Mango Markets, and Saber.

Despite plunging by more than $6 billion, Solana has kept its position as the 4th blockchain with the most TVL.

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