Solana teams up with Opera
Solana teams up with Opera

Solana teams up with Opera to launch DApps on the browser in 2022

Solana teams up with Opera to launch Dapps on the browser in the first half of 2022. This integration will allow Opera Android users to enjoy seamless access to Solana DApps alongside low-fees and fast transactions in the ecosystem, the announcement included.

Solana teams up with Opera:

Crypto market adoption is increasing and its use cases like smart contracts and DApps are becoming very handy in real life. Solana Blockchain is a platform that has many features like smart contracts, low transaction fees, and DApps. Solana teams up with Opera to launch DApps on the Browser. Millions of users of Opera will be able to access Solana directly from Q1 2022.

Yesterday, Opera announced this news that they have joined forces with Solana to launch DApps on the browser. The tweet from the firm further explained that android users will be able to access Solana DApps with the perks like low fees and fast transactions within the ecosystem. The firm further exclaimed that these features will be available in Q1 2022.

Solana teams up with Opera
Solana teams up with Opera

Opera isn’t new in this field as they have provided services like built-in crypto wallet and web3 support since 2018. As the interest in web3 and Defi grows, Opera is taking the next steps to integrate faster blockchains with lower transaction costs amid a growing community of developers and users.  In the first stage, new features will be implemented in Opera for Android users.

Opera has announced earlier that 170k people use its crypto product every month. Solana teams up with Opera and in my opinion, both firms will benefit from this partnership. The users will also enjoy direct access to DApps of Solana.

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