Solana has the support of former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson

Solana has the support of former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. He recently tweeted that “All in on Solana”. He also mentioned Catalina Whale NFT issued on the Solana.

Solana aka Ethereum killer is one of the leading competitors of the second-largest currency, Ethereum. This competition is getting fierce as time passes. JPMorgan and Bank of America recently predicted that Solana will continue eating the market share of its biggest rival. The weaker decentralization in Solana is considered to be a reasonable trade-off for achieving a sufficient level of scalability.

Solana has the support of Mike Tyson:

Solana has the support of the former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. He recently got on Twitter to say that he is “All in on Solana”. Mike also mentioned an NFT named Catalina built on the platform. The former champion isn’t new to the crypto world as he has been involved in many projects of crypto.

Solana has the support

Tyson also started promoting Dream (DREAM), a dubious ERC-20 token, claiming that the token could “revolutionize” the space and help the community deal with mental health issues. Solana has had the support of a former heavyweight champion since September when he created a Twitter pool asking whether he should choose Solana or Ethereum. In July, the boxer announced his first NFT line after teaming up with creative agency 1ofone. Its launch took place in August.

Yet, Solana has faced multiple technical hiccups over the last few months, which show that the network might not be ready for mainstream adoption.

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