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Solana and Ethereum NFT Bridge: New bidirectional highway launched by Wormhole

Solana and Ethereum NFT Bridge, for transferring NFTs between two, has been launched by the Wormhole Network last week.  Before NFT Bridge it was Solana and Ethereum Bridge that enabled the users to transfer assets between two Blockchains.

In the last few months, Solana’s native token (SOL) has been making progress in the crypto market. It has recently been made into the top ten coin of the crypto market list and thirty days’ statistics has shown that it has gained almost 93%. Ethereum also has its significance and holds 2nd place in the whole crypto market by market cap.

Wormhole Network has decided to ease up the relation between two Blockchains in transferring assets. broke the news five days ago that Solana and Ethereum Bridge has been launched by the Wormhole. They further explained that through this bridge the users of Solana and Ethereum will be able to transfer the assets back and forth.

Solana and Ethereum NFT Bridge:

Wormhole Network has taken another step and came up with a new service for NFTs on both Blockchains. On Wednesday, the Wormhole Network tweeted about their new service by saying:

Today we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our NFT bridge between Ethereum and Solana. Users will now be able to send Ethereum and Solana NFTs cross-chain. This includes your favorite (wrapped) Cryptopunks, @DegenApeAcademy and @BoredApeYC, and more.

Solana and Ethereum
Tweet from the Wormhole team
Source: Twitter

This bridge is going to open a bidirectional highway for more than 6.68 million NFTs minted on Ethereum Blockchain. Solana also holds more than 2.6 million NFTs according to data shown by Solanartnft.

Wormhole Network is not going to stop just here; the team is planning to launch the NFT verification tool for Solana and Ethereum.  The Wormhole team also detailed that down the line, Wormhole developers plan to add a user interface that allows users to check which original NFT (on the original chain) is backing the asset so authenticity can be verified.

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