Shoaib Akhtar NFT: Pakistan take lead to launch Cricket’s 1st NFT

Former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar, who bowled the fastest ball in cricket history, also known as Rawalpindi express launches his own non-fungible Token (NFT) from a startup tenup.io as Shoaib Akhtar NFT owned by Waqar Zaka from Pakistan.


Waqar Zaka is a crypto influencer infamous for his decade-long struggle to legalize cryptocurrency in Pakistan. He is one man army who showed persistency in the struggle to spread awareness about the crypto and blockchain market. Waqar Zaka, with experience of more than fifteen years in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, has now launched his own blockchain-based venture capitalist platform. He also has a private Facebook community of 50k people where he provides awareness and education about cryptocurrency to teach his vast community.

Shoaib Akhtar NFT

The legendary fast bowler, who once delivered a ball at 161.3 km/h, made an announcement sharing his excitement on entering the crypto and blockchain market. Rawalpindi Express is collaborating with a new blockchain-based startup tenup.io owned by Waqar Zaka. Shoaib Akhtar shared a tweet and expressed his love and excitement for “made in Pakistan” and encouraged his fans and follower to take part in this venture.

Pakistan, once again taking cricket to new heights and setting an example, now launching the world’s first-ever cricket NFT. Although many banks are reluctant to allow its user to deal in cryptocurrency, it’s positive news for traders from Pakistan.

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