SHIB Write Rate Up Nearly 408% with Community Stream of New Metaverse Hub

SHIB burn rate has increased by about 408% in the last 24 hours with Community Stream of New Metaverse Hub, as this time 3 times more SHIBs were destroyed than in the last two days.

165 million SHIB burned and destruction increased by 408%

According to data recently shared on the website of Shibburn’s transaction tracker that moved SHIB to dead-end wallets, the speed at which SHIB tokens were sent and “burned” to “hell” wallets in the past 24 hours has been seen. A huge increase of 407.47%.

A total of 165,822,242 Shiba Inu have been locked in non-spendable wallets since yesterday morning – that’s what the term “crypto burning” means.

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On September 13, the total of SHIB tokens removed from circulation totaled 145,707,702 – close to being burned in the last 24 hours.


Burn “trillions of SHIBs”

Earlier this week, the Shibburn team announced it would launch a dedicated mobile app for the Shibburn Radio project. The app will help burn “tens of billions, if not trillions of SHIBs.”

New SHIB Metaverse hub available in color

The official Twitter account of the Shiba Inu token announced that the SHIB Metaverse team has revealed a concept image of a new Metaverse hub called Rocket Pond, along with studio THE THIRD FLOOR.

Crypto Winter

Rockets in crypto are symbols of an overflow of energy for a coin and the ability to reach new heights, “going through the roof” and “going to the moon.”

Woof! another beautiful colored concept artwork has been revealed. This time 🚀 Rocket Pond hits the spotlight for @ShibTheMV!
We’re excited to hear your thoughts! This hub is set to create an adventurous experience for the #ShibArmy.
Lands available at https://t.co/56VsqOa2jt pic.twitter.com/AfArflms4H

— Shib (@Shibtoken) September 16, 2022

Overall, the Metaverse will contain approximately 100,600 pieces of virtual terrain, 36,431 of which will be unlocked at the time of the rollout. Others will be reserved. More than 19,000 lands have been purchased so far.

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