SHIB price makes a big leap

SHIB price makes a big leap by 35% to reach a new all-time high

SHIB price makes a big leap by 35% to reach a new all-time high. The rumors of listing SHIB on the Robinhood and listing over the popular app ‘public’ can be the reason for the new ATH of $0.000039.

SHIB price makes a big leap:

SHIB, popular meme crypto known for its rivalry with Dogecoin, is once again in the spotlight for making a new ATH. SHIB price makes a big leap by 35% to reach this new ATH. There has been a lot going on with the meme currency in the last few months. SHIB price makes a big leap for unknown reasons. Let’s try to find the main reason behind this rise in the price of SHIB. There was a rumor of a massive whale purchase by the end of September which has pushed the first leg of the token, as reported by the CryptoPotato.

After the massive whale purchase rumor, the team behind the project started to enter into the NFT market by announcing that they will be releasing the collection of 10000 lovable creatures. The demand for SHIB has increased because the wallet addresses surged by nearly 10% in the two weeks. Another potential impact of the prices going high is that the worldwide interest in the meme currency went to a multi-month high in October.

SHIB price makes a big leap
The google trend data showing the interest of people worldwide in SHIB

There has been a massive adoption of the token worldwide as one of the largest Brazilian exchanges, Novadax listed it. After Novadax, the popular trading application, Public, has followed in listing it as a trading token. SHIB price makes a big leap, the reason for that can be this massive acceptance worldwide.

SHIB price makes a big leap
SHIB price chart
Source: Tradingview

The SHIB price makes a big leap by 35% in a day to reach a new ATH at $0.000039. meme crypto has gained 450% in October so far and 50649250% in the year to date. It’s so big number that if anyone has invested a thousand dollars on January 1, 2021, it would be worth $500 million today.

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