SHIB losses price by 12% in a week despite its listing on Bitstamp and Travala

SHIB losses price by 12% despite its listing on the crypto exchange, Bitstamp, and travel product website, Travala. Millions of customers of Bitsatmp and Travala will have access to the rival meme currency of Doge.

The whole crypto market is moving in a tight range with digital assets’ prices just consolidating with no clear direction. The flagship currency, BTC, has dropped below $50k once again. The only thing which seems interesting and shocking is the price of the original meme currency rival. The travel website, Travala, and one of the most recognized crypto exchanges, Bitstamp, has listed SHIB. Surprisingly, this news has no impact on the price of the token.

SHIB losses price
SHIB price performance. Last 7 days.
Source: CoinMarketCap

SHIB losses price by 12% in a week:

SHIB losses price over 12% in a week despite these two important listing of the token. More than 4 million customers of Bitstamp will have access to the token. This wider adoption of the token was supposed to push the price but SHIB losses price over 12% in a week. The price of the token has dropped from $0.0000376 to $0.00003638. If we look into history, this interesting fact will come out that token has always reacted this way after such a milestone.

SHIB is looking strong and oversold
Source: Santiment

One thing which is worth noting is that despite the price drop in the weekly chart, fundamentals are looking pretty good. SHIB has a high market cap, volume, and address activity, according to crypto on-chain analytics platform Santiment. SHIB is holding 13th position in the crypto market, two places behind the original meme currency.

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