SHIB has been added

SHIB has been added as a payment method by Travala, which supports 76 crypto

SHIB has been added as a payment method by a travel website, Travala. Now the payment of more than 3 million travel-related products can be done in SHIB. The travel website includes flights, hotels, and travel packages.

SHIB has been added as a payment method by Travala:

The rival meme currency of original meme currency, SHIB, is developing and growing very fast. Recently, it got listed on the Kraken and Newegg. Robinhood exchange still hasn’t listed the token but a new development has come on the scene yesterday. Travala, a travel website, has announced that SHIB has been added as a payment method. The tweet from the website congratulated the SHIB for winning the battle.

SHIB has been added
Source: Twitter

You must be wondering what battle SHIB has won. This listing was done by creating a pool on Twitter and the pool was taking votes from users for the listing of SHIB or FLOKI. The token with more votes in 72 hours was going to be listed on the Travala. SHIB has won this battle. So, the firm has listed SHIB. The voter of this pool will receive a share of $15k in AVA.

SHIB has been added
The pool result declaring SHIB a winner.

SHIB has been added as a payment method because it came out as a clear winner in this battle. Travala is a crypto-friendly website and it accepts 77 cryptocurrencies as payment. The crypto-friendly travel site reported earlier this month that its total revenue for November was $7.2 million, a 683% increase year-on-year. Furthermore, 82% of all bookings in November were paid with cryptocurrencies.

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