SHIB burn roadmap 2022 has been announced

Bigger Entertainment, a crypto label committed to SHIB success, has announced SHIB burn roadmap 2022. The firm holds over 1 billion tokens of the rival meme currency of DOGE. These burn events will happen every month.

As this year is about to end, most of the crypto firms are revealing their plans for the next year. SHIB has had an excellent year as it entered into the top ten assets list of the crypto market. The rival meme currency of the DOGE is following the Dogecoin in terms of Market cap. At the time of writing SHIB is holding the 13th position in the crypto market. A new announcement has been made by Bigger Entertainment.

SHIB burn roadmap 2022:

SHIB burn roadmap 2022 has been released by Bigger Entertainment. The firm tweeted about this roadmap and revealed that SHIB burn will be happening every month in 2022. The firm mentioned the SHIB army saying that as they have asked for the burn, the firm is going to make it happen.

SHIB burn roadmap

The SHIB burn 2022 reveals that January to April is booked with the burn parties of the token. SHIB lovers merch campaign is planned to run from January 14 to February 14. According to the crypto record label, 80% of proceeds from all Shib lovers’ purchases will be used to burn SHIB. Bigger Entertainment is a crypto record label that sells merch, NFTs, and tickets to events and allows users to listen to music tracks on its website.

The roadmap of SHIB burn further reveals that from February 7 to 13 a SuperBurn event will be arranged for the football fanatics. Aside from football fans, basketball lovers too will have an equal share of treats with NFT Madness slated to run from March 13 to April 4.

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