SEC vs Ripple lawsuit has reached a critical point

SEC vs Ripple lawsuit has reached a critical point, according to the attorney of Ripple.  Attorney of Ripple announced this after the Judge granted permission to unveil the confidential documents of the case.

Ripple has been facing allegations that two executives of the firm have traded $1.3 billion funds without filing it with the SEC. It was the day of December 22, 2020, when SEC vs Ripple lawsuit started. Two executives of the Ripple Labs were also accused in this matter. There have been many speculations about the case. People have been calling this case an attack on the whole crypto market.

A critical pont in SEC vs Ripple lawsuit:

A new development has come out of SEC vs Ripple lawsuit. The attorney of Ripple has been asking permission to release confidential documents of the case. Finally, Judge Analisa Torres has granted and partially denied the defendant’s request to exhibit the confidential documents. Attorney of Ripple, Jeremy Hogan, reached on his Twitter handle to share his excitement.

SEC vs Ripple lawsuit

Advocates believe that the XRP lawsuit could become more interesting for Ripple with big rulings in the case. He further added that the next couple of months is very interesting with all the major ruling that are teed up. He said that there will be the only major takeaway from this order onwards. Despite his statements, it is yet to be seen what will happen next. But, if SEC vs Ripple lawsuit ends in the favor of Ripple, it will be a huge win for the firm and the whole crypto space.

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